Active Matter as a Generalization of Autobiogenesis

by Tommy on 18/05/2017

It’s officially impossible for me to continue to cover nightly Arxiv breakthroughs, being engaged for the last six months as Lizard King. Maybe I can get around to them next week, but this essay was the standout of the lot, and there were a lot of them breakthroughy enough for me to report.

Active matter, Sriram Ramaswamy, To appear in the STATPHYS26 Special Issue of JSTAT (17 May 2017)

The study of systems with sustained energy uptake and dissipation at the scale of the constituent particles is an area of central interest in nonequilibrium statistical physics. Identifying such systems as a distinct category — Active Matter — unifies our understanding of autonomous collective move- ment in the living world and in some surprising inanimate imitations. In this article I present the Active Matter framework, briefly recall some early work, review our recent results on single-particle and collective behaviour, including experiments on active granular monolayers, and discuss new directions for the future.

Yup. We’re blobs. Pretty stupid looking blobs by the looks of it. Maybe we can … evolve!

Selective breeding and genetic engineering doesn’t seem to be working out for us.

The Cosmic Evolution of Autobiogenesis

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