Chern Simons Theory of Composite Fermions Developed

by Tommy on 26/04/2017

This is how one begins to do quantum cosmology.

Chern-Simons Theory and Dynamics of Composite Fermions, Junren Shi (25 April 2017)

We propose a Chern-Simons field theoretical description of the fractional quantum Hall effect in 1+4 dimensions. It suggests that composite fermions reside on a momentum manifold with a nonzero Chern number. Based on derivations from microscopic wave functions, we further show that the momentum manifold has a uniformly distributed Berry curvature. As a result, composite fermions do not follow the ordinary Newtonian dynamics as commonly believed, but the more general symplectic one. For a Landau level with the particle-hole symmetry, the theory correctly predicts its Hall conductance at half-filling as well as the symmetry between an electron filling fraction and its hole counterpart.

If someone were to fund me, I might have time to do something about this problem.

Symplectic mechanics was something that I did study.

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