Collective Modes by Higgs’ Mechanism Obey Nambu’s Identity

by Tommy on 11/04/2017

This is a real eye opener.

Nambu identity and collective modes in superconductors and superfluid 3He, Gavriil Shchedrin and David M. Lee (7 April 2017)

Collective modes manifest themselves in a variety of different physical systems ranging from superconductors to superfluid 3He. The collective modes are generated via the Higgs-Anderson mechanism that is based on the symmetry breaking double well potential. Recently collective modes were explored in superconducting NbN and InO in the presence of a strong terahertz laser field. In both cases a single collective mode that oscillates with twice the frequency of the superconducting energy gap Δ was discovered. Superfluid 3He is the host for a whole variety of collective modes. In particular, in the superfluid 3He B-phase, two massive collective modes were found with masses √8̅/̅5̅ Δ and √1̅2̅/̅5̅ Δ. We show that for both cases of the superconducting films and for the superfluid 3He B-phase, the collective modes satisfy the Nambu identity that relates the masses of different collective modes to the energy gap parameter Δ.

This paper is mathematical elegance, personified.

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