Cosmic Inflation in a Nutshell – The Asymptotic Universe

by Tommy on 2/06/2017
The Asymptotic Universe

The Asymptotic Universe

Rant alert. I did this once before – Here.

Quantum Arithmetic Disproves Cosmic Naturalness Paradigm

I’m actually getting a little tired having to go over fundamentals like this.

Start with the equation x = 1/x. x2 = 1.

That’s a tautology, but it does set the origin to x = 1 not x = 0.

Now let’s move on to two dimensions and complex numbers and set y = 1/x.

Now we have at least e, π and 2, and rescaling the unit 2 triangle to unit area we get √2.

What I do is arbitrarily set the origin of this curve to the energy level of 109 to 1016 GeV.

I call that point the big bang, baryogenesis, axion production, fa or whatever else you care to.

What it is – the nearly scale invariant, nearly globally and locally flat universe in which we live.

Again, with a finite speed of light c and Planck unit of action h, something is gonna break.

Eventually. Sooner, or later.

In our case it was sooner.

Now I know what comes later.

Update: If there is even the slightest deviation of this function from x = y = 1, it fails to describe the universe and/or mathematics. That is, x or y ≠ 0 at y or x = ∞. The ‘geometry of information’.

So it’s easy to see that the universe is highly fine tuned in a very natural way.

Quantum arithmetic comes to the rescue once again.

Falsify or verify, it’s your choice.

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