Cuprate Mottness Melted By Laser Charge Transfer Excitation

by Tommy on 10/05/2017

SISSA comes through for me again. Is there nothing these people can’t do?

Mottness at finite doping and charge instabilities in cuprates, S. Peli, S. Dal Conte, R. Comin, N. Nembrini, A. Ronchi, P. Abrami, F. Banfi, G. Ferrini, D. Brida, S. Lupi, M. Fabrizio, A. Damascelli, M. Capone, G. Cerullo and C. Giannetti, Nature Physics (8 May 2017), doi:10.1038/nphys4112

The influence of Mott physics on the doping–temperature phase diagram of copper oxides represents a major issue that is the subject of intense theoretical and experimental efforts. Here, we investigate the ultrafast electron dynamics in prototypical single-layer Bi-based cuprates at the energy scale of the O-2p → Cu-3d charge-transfer (CT) process. We demonstrate a clear evolution of the CT excitations from incoherent and localized, as in a Mott insulator, to coherent and delocalized, as in a conventional metal. This reorganization of the high-energy degrees of freedom occurs at the critical doping pcr ≈ 0.16 irrespective of the temperature, and it can be well described by dynamical mean-field theory calculations. We argue that the onset of low-temperature charge instabilities is the low-energy manifestation of the underlying Mottness that characterizes the p < pcr region of the phase diagram. This discovery sets a new framework for theories of charge order and low-temperature phases in underdoped copper oxides.

Massimo does know how to craft a proper press release.

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