Dark Matter Axion Detection By Condensed Matter Excitation

by Tommy on 24/12/2016

I think it’s safe to say now that the race to detect the axion has finally and officially begun.


Stimulated Emission of Dark Matter Axion from Condensed Matter Excitations, Naoto Yokoi and Eiji Saitoh (16 December 2016)

We discuss a possible principle for detecting dark matter axions in galactic halos. If axions constitute a condensate in the Milky Way, stimulated emissions of the axions from a type of excitation in condensed matter can be detectable. We provide general mechanism for the dark matter emission, and, as a concrete example, an emission of dark matter axions from magnetic vortex strings in a type II superconductor are investigated along with possible experimental signatures.

Here is the big takeaway from this idea.

There is another interesting problem: The excitation of type C, such as an analogue of the axion in a topological magnetic insulator, has the same effective coupling as the axion coupling. Thus the mixing between the dark matter axions and condensed matter axions can occur in principle. Physical consequences from such a mixing will be discussed in a future work.

That should be a whole lotta fun.


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