Efficient Exciton Plasmon Photo Emission and Absorption

by Tommy on 20/04/2017

It’s time to admit the exciton plasmon coupling era is upon us.


Proposal of highly efficient photoemitter with strong photon-harvesting capability and exciton superradiance, Takuya Matsuda and Hajime Ishihara (15 April 2017)

We propose a system of highly efficient photoemitters comprising metal-dielectric (plasmonic-excitonic) multilayered structures. In the proposed structure, the absorption in the excitonic layer is greatly enhanced through quantum interference between the split modes arising from the coupling of the layered excitons and the plasmons sustained by the metallic layer. Furthermore, the large interaction volume between surface plasmons and excitons causes exciton superradiance, which results in the extremely efficient photoemission. This finding indicates the possibility of designing highly efficient photoemitters based on simple layered structures.

So what is not to like about this?


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