Enlightening My Cosmic Dark Matter Universe – In a Nutshell

by Tommy on 24/12/2016

This was a whole lotta fun. Mandatory reading for everyone.


Enlightening the dark universe, Abhik Kumar Sanyal, Lecture given on “One day seminar on Einstein and his contributions in Physics and Cosmology to celebrate 100 years of General Theory of Relativity” organized by the Calcutta Institute of Theoretical Physics in collaboration with Department of Mathematics, St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, on 28th. March, 2015, Indian Journal of Theoretical Physics, Vol 62, Nos. 3,4, 2014. (20 December 2016)

Lot of avenues, the black hole, the wormhole, the dark matter, the dark energy etc. have been opened since the advent of General Theory of Relativity in 1915. Cosmology, the physics of creation and evolution of the universe, which was once thought to be beyond human perseverance, has now become a rich science of highest importance. However, the theory of gravitation, the oldest known interaction, is still not well understood. In the process of unveiling the evolutionary history of the universe, we shall explore some facts that suggest General Theory of Relativity is not the complete theory of gravitation.

Finally all of the threads of the gravitational unknowns have been organized into a single paper.


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