First Light at the DESY XFEL Linear Free Electron X-Ray Laser

by Tommy on 5/05/2017
DESY XFEL Linear Superconducting Free Electron Laser

DESY XFEL Linear Superconducting Free Electron Laser

I had originally proposed one of these free electron lasers for the University of Wisconsin at Madison, under the umbrella of the Wisconsin Institute of Discovery. It was a colossal failure. Not only did the UW not get a free electron laser, but then the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy canceled the Synchrotron Radiation Center in Stoughton, and the Wisconsin Institute of Discovery turned out to be the butt of jokes. That’s so sad, John D. Wiley.

First Light -The Firepower of the Idea – Light at the Foundation Of Discovery

We’ll just have to leave it to the Europeans again I guess.

European XFEL X-Ray Free Electron Laser

But all that empty farm land in Stoughton is making WARF rich.

And big buildings means big building contracts!

You can’t expect scientists to do things.

It’s all about patents now.

And big buildings.

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