Happy Ground Hog Day … Again.

by Tommy on 14/02/2017

I appear to be caught in a time loop. Again.

So this time it really is the end. Again.

The minute things go so far south that I start commenting on treason, that’s it. I quit.

I might start it up again if something comes up, but regurgitating nightly ArXiv breakthroughs is not my idea of a productive use of my time anymore. You have to see it my way. I have solved nearly every last problem I set out to solve decades ago, and then some. Beyond my wildest dreams too. What else is there? Dark energy is a result of the universe as energy conversion.

So happy Darwin’s day. Again. And don’t forget Pi day is coming up. Don’t be a square. Again.

What did the president and vice president know and when did they know it. Again.

Hopefully this time it won’t take two full years.


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