Heavyish Gravitational Peccei Quinn Axions as Dark Matter

by Tommy on 2/01/2017


Gravitational Axions as Dark Matter

I had to drop all of the quantum cosmology and gravity onto the cutting room floor, since it is premature, not specific or germane to the discussion (the microwave detection of axions) and it was also very poorly written due to the holidays. I will get back to it later in the inevitable sequel.

Dark Matter Vixens from Venus.

Update: After finishing up editing my essay I ran across this little jewel.


Alternative dark matter candidates: Axions, Andreas Ringwald, Dontribution to the Proceedings of the Neutrino Oscillation Workshop, 4 – 11 September, 2016, Otranto, Lecce, Italy, DESY 16-236 (28 December 2016)

The axion is arguably one of the best motivated candidates for dark matter. For a decay constant greater than about 109 GeV, axions are dominantly produced non-thermally in the early universe and hence are “cold”, their velocity dispersion being small enough to fit to large scale structure. Moreover, such a large decay constant ensures the stability at cosmological time scales and its behaviour as a collisionless fluid at cosmological length scales. Here, we review the state of the art of axion dark matter predictions and of experimental efforts to search for axion dark matter in laboratory experiments.

I wrote my essay because I want more stuff like this essay.

So I added this and now it’s done!

Update: http://lifeform.net/archimedes/Quantum_Cosmology.pdf

Gravitatioal Axions in Quantum Gravity and Cosmology


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