Highly Speculative Quantum Gravity Hypothesis Explored

by Tommy on 8/04/2017

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself but this is so much fun.


A new length scale for quantum gravity, Tejinder P. Singh (3 April 2017)

We show why and how Compton wavelength and Schwarzschild radius should be combined into one single new length scale, which we call the Compton-Schwarzschild length. Doing so offers a resolution of the black hole information loss paradox, and suggests Planck mass remnant black holes as candidates for dark matter. It also compels us to introduce torsion, and identify the Dirac field with a complex torsion field. Dirac equation, and Einstein equations, are shown to be mutually dual limiting cases of an underlying gravitation theory which involves the Compton-Schwarzschild length scale, and includes a complex torsion field.

This was really difficult to wade through but following the references I like it.

I’m not too keen on primordial black holes though.


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