Historical Development of ΛCDM and Dark Matter Discussed

by Tommy on 28/01/2017

This was an interesting read, particularly for a newbie like myself.


How the Nonbaryonic Dark Matter Theory Grew, P. J. E. Peebles, An essay to accompany articles on dark matter detection in Nature Astronomy (20 January 2017)

The evidence is that the mass of the universe is dominated by an exotic nonbaryonic form of matter largely draped around the galaxies. It approximates an initially low pressure gas of particles that interact only with gravity, but we know little more than that. Searches for detection thus must follow many difficult paths to a great discovery, what the universe is made of. The nonbaryonic picture grew out of a convergence of evidence and ideas in the early 1980s. Developments two decades later considerably improved the evidence, and advances since then have made the case for nonbaryonic dark matter compelling.

Let me show you how newbie is said properly.


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