Monoverse, Multiverse or Universe? Pick Any Two of Three.

by Tommy on 8/01/2017

So I finished up part one of the quantum cosmology essay, and then I ran across this meme.

I’m not sure who specifically thought that one up, but I can at least stop speculating for a while since I have now written down parts of the tangled web I have woven for myself since I simply tried to find a ZT=3 thermoelectric device a year or more ago now. In retrospect, I probably should have stuck with that. It was doing well even before the axion suddenly announced its dramatic appearance in my world of condensed matter physics. This is always serendipitous.

In the interim, I have solved the origin of life problem, which James Crutchfield promptly proved mathematically, then I went on to outline a new hypothesis for dark matter. And then I created an entire new branch of physics, quantum cosmology, from what I learned from my axion research experience. Now I am stuck with it. It needs to become mathematics. And even worse, before I can do that, I need to physically detect it, and then take a look at some of its physical properties.

Beyond its apparent effective particle mass.

I’m screwed. I’m totally screwed. I hate axions.

Gravitational Axions in Quantum Gravity and Cosmology

Gravitational Axions as Dark Matter

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