My Special and General Theory of the Cosmic QCD Axions

by Tommy on 17/12/2016

Gravitational Axions as Dark Matter

This has been a year and a couple of months coming. As usual the alert and attentive get to observe the development of the essay in real time. IT’S NOT DONE YET!!! This is just how I go about publishing crackpot science. I just can’t take anymore Verlinde and Wolchover, and Pavel is driving me nuts. So this is your big chance if you missed me writing all of those other idiotic crackpot essays in real time. It’s now live, and on the internet. I discovered the freakin axion.

Dark matter. Get it? The bosonic stuff of crackpots and crank magnets.

The quantum gravitational field theory will have to come later.

I was told when I have something to say I should say it.

I already said it. Now I’m writing it up.

© 2016 Thomas Lee Elifritz

Officially. For Publication.


A hypothesis is developed for cosmic QCD axions, as gravitationally and gravitoelectromagnetically active topological spacetime remnants, derived from inflational scale cosmogenesis events and existing as a quasiparticle excitation spectrum of a ground state bosonic superfluid, interacting directly with the baryons. The guiding principle is axion Higgs electrodynamics in condensed matter physics systems, and the hypothetical axion behavior is justified through both observational and experimental methods.

Special Theory of Cosmic Axions
Gravitational Axions as Dark Matter

General Theory of Cosmic QCD Axions
Goldstone Bosons in Quantum Gravity Gauge Field Theory

Supersymmetry is Dead

Peccei Quinn Axions Exist

QCD Axion Constant is Large

Axion Mass ~ CMB Temperature

Axions in Thermal Equilibrium with CMB

Axion Superfluid Ground State ≤ Superfluid Tc 4He

Axions Interact Gravitoelectromagnetically

Axions as Inflation Scale Remnants

Axions as Topological Remnants

Axions Interact Gravitationally

Quantum Cosmogenesis

Spacetime Pseudogap

Axion Excitation

Update 1: Gravitational Axions in Quantum Gravity and Cosmology

Update 2: © 2017 Thomas Lee Elifritz

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