Nanoscopic Shiba Islands for Topological Circuit Manipulation

by Tommy on 17/05/2017

This is what I wanted to do with bismuth on nickel, but this is still shocking nevertheless.

Quantized charge transport in chiral Majorana edge modes, Stephan Rachel, Eric Mascot, Sagen Cocklin, Matthias Vojta and Dirk K. Morr (15 May 2017)

Majorana fermions can be realized as quasiparticles in topological superconductors, with potential applications in topological quantum computing. Recently, lattices of magnetic adatoms deposited on the surface of s-wave superconductors – Shiba lattices – have been proposed as a new platform for topological superconductivity. These systems possess the great advantage that they are accessible via scanning-probe techniques, and thus enable the local manipulation and detection of Majorana modes. Realizing quantum bits on this basis will rely on the creation of nanoscopic Shiba lattices, so-called Shiba islands. Here, we demonstrate that the topological Majorana edge modes of such islands display universal electronic and transport properties. Most remarkably, these Majorana modes possess a quantized charge conductance that is proportional to the topological Chern number, C, and carry a supercurrent whose chirality reflects the sign of C. These results establish nanoscopic Shiba islands as promising components in future topology-based devices.

So what’s the holdup?

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