New Haloscope Searches For Dark Matter Axions Proposed

by Tommy on 18/02/2017

The race to detect the microwave dark matter axion is finally on.

Haloscope searches for dark matter axions at the Center for Axion and Precision Physics Research, Eleni Petrakou, Proceedings of the ICFNP 2016 Conference (13 February 2017)

The Center for Axion and Precision Physics Research (CAPP) was founded in 2013, with the ambition of shedding light on the strong CP problem and the proposed existence of axions. Much of CAPP’s effort focuses on the direct detection of dark matter candidate axions with a series of local haloscope experiments, which endeavour to expand dramatically the coverage on the “invisible axion” mass range. The first two of them plan experimental runs during this year, tapping into ultra-low cryogenics and toroidal cavity geometries. The overall programme builds on cutting-edge technology, including developments in superconducting films, SQUID amplifiers and novel magnets. This article presents the planned advancements and the status of the programme, while it can also be considered a pedagogical introduction to haloscope experiments.

Did I also mention that bismuth iodide is a topological superconductor?

You’ll be hearing that for a while too.

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