On the Electrodynamics of Chiral Matter

by Tommy on 20/12/2016

And finally, I leave you with this.


On electrodynamics of chiral matter, Zebin Qiu, Gaoqing Cao and Xu-Guang Huang (9 December 2016)

Many-body systems with chiral fermions can exhibit novel transport phenomena that violate parity and time reversal symmetries, such as the chiral magnetic effect, the anomalous Hall effect, and the anomalous generation of charge. Based on the Maxwell-Chern-Simons electrodynamics, we examine some electromagnetic and optical properties of such systems including the electrostatics, the magnetostatics, the propagation of electromagnetic waves, the novel optical effects, etc.

Regurgitated nearly verbatim, since I’m in a hurry and it’s breakthroughy and reviewyish.

So Happy Chirstmas! Remember, Satan is your friend. Santa, your enemy.

And semi-annual regional hemispherical cooling just … is.

Some astronomers assured me it will pass.

Only to arrive again next year.


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