Primordial Gravitational Axion Gauge Field Cosmology Probed

by Tommy on 14/01/2017

These are long and complicated but state of the art precision cosmological arguments here.

Tensor Adiabatic Modes and Consistency Relations with Primordial Axion-Gauge Fields, Azadeh Maleknejad, Prepared for Submission to the Journal of High Energy Physics (JHEP)
(17 December 2016)

We study the tensor consistency relation in models of axion inflation with an SU(2) gauge field. In the tensor sector, we have two spin-2 modes, the standard gravity waves and the tensor perturbations of the SU(2) gauge field which sources the gravity waves at the linear level. Interestingly enough, we find that the gravity waves are adiabatic and Maldacena’s consistency relation including a long wavelength gravity wave holds in this setup. However, since it is partially polarized, there is a difference between the (n+1)-point functions with different helicity states proportional to the ratio of the gauge field density to the total density. These chiral n-point functions are the imprints of the SU(2) gauge field on the primordial cosmological perturbations and a robust observational feature of their contribution to the physics of inflation.

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