Sabine Hossenfelder Discovers a Vector Axion Condensate

by Tommy on 12/03/2017

Sort of. I haven’t really had time to work through the math yet.

But this is promising that axions may indeed be gravitational.

Or alternatively that gravitational spacetime may be emergent.

I sense a duality in progress. That means a song may be coming on!

Is Verlinde’s Emergent Gravity compatible with General Relativity?

A Covariant Version of Verlinde’s Emergent Gravity, Sabine Hossenfelder (4 March 2017)

A generally covariant version of Erik Verlinde’s emergent gravity model is proposed. The Lagrangian constructed here allows an improved interpretation of the underlying mechanism. It suggests that de-Sitter space is filled with a vector-field that couples to baryonic matter and, by dragging on it, creates an effect similar to dark matter. We solve the covariant equation of motion in the background of a Schwarzschild space-time and obtain correction terms to the non-covariant expression. Furthermore, we demonstrate that the vector field can also mimic dark energy.

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