The Ground State and Excitation Spectrum of Quantum Bosons

by Tommy on 16/01/2017

This speaks volumes on the fundamental nature of dark matter axions as quantum bosons.

Emergent orders for bosonic atoms with competing short- and global-range interactions in an optical lattice, Renyuan Liao (13 January 2017)

We consider bosonic atoms loaded into optical lattices with cavity-mediated infinite-range interactions. Competing short- and global-range interactions cultivates a rich phase diagram. With a systematic field-theoretical perspective, we present an analytical construction of global ground-state phase diagram. We derive an effective theory describing compressible superfluid and supersolid states. We show that global-range interactions enhances density fluctuations and tunneling.

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Bose-Einstein condensates in the presence of Weyl spin-orbit coupling, Ting Wu and Renyuan Liao, New Journal of Physics, 19, 13008 (11 January 2017), doi:10.1088/1367-2630/aa559b

We consider two-component Bose-Einstein condensates subject to Weyl spin-orbit coupling. We obtain mean-field ground state phase diagram by variational method. In the regime where interspecies coupling is larger than intraspecies coupling, the system is found to be fully polarized and condensed at a finite momentum lying along the quantization axis. We characterize this phase by studying the excitation spectrum, the sound velocity, the quantum depletion of condensates, the shift of ground state energy, and the static structure factor. We find that spin-orbit coupling and interspecies coupling generally leads to competing effects.

It’s all good now.

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