The High Pressure Superconductivity of β-Bi4I4 Bismuth Iodide

by Tommy on 17/02/2017

So I will leave you with this last interesting tidbit.

It appears to me that my career possibilities have just increased remarkably.

Pressure effect and Superconductivity in β-Bi4I4 Topological Insulator Pressure effect and Superconductivity in β-Bi4I4 Topological Insulator, A. Pisoni, R. Gaal, A. Zeugner, V. Falkowski, A. Isaeva, H. Huppertz, G. Autes, O. V. Yazyev and L. Forro (15 February 2017)

We report a detailed study of the transport coefficients of β-Bi4I4 quasi-one dimensional topological insulator. Electrical resistivity, thermoelectric power, thermal conductivity and Hall coefficient measurements are consistent with the possible appearance of a charge density wave order at low temperatures. Both electrons and holes contribute to the conduction in β-Bi4I4 and the dominant type of charge carrier changes with temperature as a consequence of temperature-dependent carrier densities and mobilities. Measurements of resistivity and Seebeck coefficient under hydrostatic pressure up to 2 GPa show a shift of the charge density wave order to higher temperatures suggesting a strongly one-dimensional character at ambient pressure. Surprisingly, superconductivity is induced in β-Bi4I4 above 10 GPa with of 4.0 K which is slightly decreasing upon increasing the pressure up to 20 GPa. Chemical characterisation of the pressure-treated samples shows amorphization of β-Bi4I4 under pressure and rules out decomposition into Bi and BiI3 at room-temperature conditions.

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Pressure-induced superconductivity and topological quantum phase transitions in a quasi-one-dimensional topological insulator: Bi4I4, Yanpeng Qi, Wujun Shi, Peter Werner, Pavel G. Naumov, Walter Schnelle, Lei Wang, Kumari Gaurav Rana, Stuart Parkin, Sergiy A. Medvedev, Binghai Yan and Claudia Felser (30 January 2017)

Superconductivity and topological quantum states are two frontier fields of research in modern condensed matter physics. The realization of superconductivity in topological materials is highly desired, however, superconductivity in such materials is typically limited to two- or three-dimensional materials and is far from being thoroughly investigated. In this work, we boost the electronic properties of the quasi-one-dimensional topological insulator bismuth iodide β-Bi4I4 by applying high pressure. Superconductivity is observed in β-Bi4I4 for pressures where the temperature dependence of the resistivity changes from a semiconducting-like behavior to that of a normal metal. The superconducting transition temperature Tc increases with applied pressure and reaches a maximum value of 6 K at 23 GPa, followed by a slow decrease. Our theoretical calculations suggest the presence of multiple pressure-induced topological quantum phase transitions as well as a structural-electronic instability.

So with all this treason crap I guess I have not been paying attention.

Didn’t I predict this? Well, maybe not, exactly.

Amorphization of a polymer?

Very suspicious.

On the Nature of Bismuth (I) Iodide in the Solid State

Thomas Lee Elifritz, Spec. Sci. Tech. 17, 85 (1994)

So this is almost, but not quite, a wrap.

It won’t be long now, trust me.

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