Weyl Metals Reviewed

by Tommy on 26/04/2017

The gentleman has published a series of great reviews of these kinds of subjects.


Weyl Metals, A. A. Burkov, Submitted to Annual Reviews of Condensed Matter Physics (25 April 2017)

Weyl metal is the first example of a conducting material with a nontrivial electronic structure topology, making it distinct from an ordinary metal. Unlike in insulators, the nontrivial topology is not related to invariants, associated with completely filled bands, but with ones, associated with the Fermi surface. The Fermi surface of a topological metal consists of disconnected sheets, each enclosing a Weyl node, which is a point of contact between two nondegenerate bands. Such a point contact acts as a source of Berry curvature, or a magnetic monopole in momentum space. Its charge, or the flux of the Berry curvature through the enclosing Fermi surface sheet, is a topological invariant. We review the current state of this rapidly growing field, with a focus on bulk transport phenomena in topological metals.

The new quantum cosmology.


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